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Saturday, December 29, 2007

The only way to go is UP!

We've moved on, so come join us at the sexy new THE FAD PEOPLE blogazine site at

Be there or be.........

Hasta Pronto!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

"It's a taupe room", the owner claims.

Guess whose room we have raided?

Before the owner has a chance to clean up and unpack, we hereby unveil never seen before "footages" of the newly revamped room of one of us! Exclusive preview here on THE FAD PEOPLE, you're one of the first to see it.

Guess whose room is it? Just look at the amount of beauty/cosmetics products the owner has! The amount of Fuchsia, Pink and Purple... Could it be the Fad boy?

And if that room is tooo dramatic for you liking, we've pilfered some pics from a beloved site, the Fad people's daily inspiration staple, and show you how uber-cool some offices can be!

Don't you just wish you work in one of these? Perhaps its time to raise that hand of yours and suggest something to your boss...

To find out more on where these "havens" on earth are, click here!


Monday, December 3, 2007

Hi there, Gorgeous!

It has been going on for quite a while now. They have it every year. And come this Friday, our tiny island will once again bear witness to the birth of yet another "Gorgeous People" brought to you by one particular magazine.

Here's a short recap in case you've forgotten what "Gorgeous" means:

(a) Dazzlingly beautiful or magnificent.
(b) Characterized by magnificence or virtuosic brilliance: the pianist's gorgeous technique.

2. Informal: Wonderful; delightful.

Keeping that in mind, here are some of the interesting candidates we've picked on - literally, whom we think might stand higher chances of winning.

Maybe #38 will win bc he looks like a certain hair salon owner in Sg who is rather famous...

Maybe #34 will win bc he looks like Asia's most talented singer...

Maybe #37 will win bc she looks like another well known singer who used to date Asia's most talented singer...

Maybe #39 will win bc she looks like a singer and an actress...

Maybe #32 stands a higher chance of winning bc he looks like a Caucasian singer with a unique voice...

Maybe #24 will win bc he looks like another singer that used to belong to a duo...

Maybe #46 and #47 will win it together bc they look alike! And bc of that should one win and the other does not, either they do not look alike or there is discrepancy somewhere....

Maybe #8 will win bc he SAYS he will win! It is destined in his name, you see....

Maybe #12 will win bc he has superpowers!

But I hope #14 wins bc I think he is cute! :)

All in the name of fun... here's wishing all contestants good luck, and we shall see who truly wins it all this friday!

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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Hanging on

Before we know it, the Fad people have been blogging for 2 months as of today. As part time students whose academic lives are rapidly spiralling towards the end of it all, these two months of juggling work and more work has not been easy. But it is you - every single one of you who reads this, that has kept our hopes alive and this fire burning.

A weak flicker of flame perhaps as some would agree. I know this blog and the Fad people's mission of walking on the edge of vogue has not always been up to the yardstick. Some days we floundered and fell royally below all expectations. Some days (especially coming from me, the Fad girl, all you get are words and more words - like now. Then you asked, "WHY NO PICTURES? I don't want to read."). Or our formatting is way off, the layout f-ugly beyond cringe and the topics expounded lacking in soul and substance.

We speak to supportive friends and loved ones, who pointed out that this blog is lacking in direction, focus, or simply the one thing that would keep you coming back for more. And then there were some who encouraged us, telling us they'd enjoyed particular entries.

Thank you. Thank you all for the feedback. We really appreciate that. And we treat every comment seriously, and incorporate them into our improvement plan as much as possible. We are still evolving. Still growing, still trying to grab your attention in this virtual world full faceless blogs and undifferentiated voices. In this heaps and mountains of blogs and websites, we know we need to stand out. And then be a cut above all.

And that takes time. Or it might never even come. There are days when we wanna give up. There are more discouraging days of doubts than joy and assurance of having done something phenomenal in these few months since we've built Fad from scratch. As December comes along and we enter the third Fad month, perhaps all of us need to remember again, that we write because we want to and we love to. That this is a place where we have a voice - a real voice. Not some personna that review products and talk about events bc we have to. And that this will also be a place where all of you, our readers, will and can have say!

My great dream for Fad is that one day, we will be able to persuade you to interact with us. To write in, to send us news that interest you. That our feature stories and topics covered will be so interesting you can't wait to come by everyday. That we've brought some inspiration, knowledge and even meaning to your lives. That this is a place that brings together all Fad people who share the vision of spicing up the local blog scene in an unprecedented, meaningful way ( - instead of being star bloggers who blog in Singlish and talk about mundane stuff, or worse, themselves.)

The long overdue revamp is on its way. We have not forgotten. And I truly hope that as we unveil a cooler Fad, you'd be with us all the way to witness every level we up from here on.

Hanging in there,

Friday, November 30, 2007

I can give you GAY-tzu-bee!

It began like that....

Then the world was blessed with Takuya Kimura

This song has been looping in my mind for the entire day. And if you were near the big screen outside Isetan, Shaw House, you would have seen the latest Takuya-starred Gatsby ad blasting every other minute. Who does not love Takuya? But seeing the effeminated moves elicited both squirmy discomfort and a strange thrill like he had personally winked at you or something.

Well... Here's a treat because the world can't get enough of a good thing.

And then we know there are people who wanna be Takuya:

And there are people who THINK they ARE Takuya:

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5 Creative NEW ways to diet..

Its the season to be jolly again... bring out the turkey, pour the champagne and deck out that ever sinful chocolate log cake...

but wait... what happens after all the eating and drinking? Suddenly remembering that diet you have always talked about?

Losing weight should not be that difficult.
Going from a size 8 to a size 7 should not have to mean giving up on all that good food. Or even having to hit the gym 8 days a week! (if there was 8!)

So that Fad people, came up with 5 new creative ways to diet..

Creative, easy (easier) so that you do not get stuck in a "i am going on a diet" situation forever..

Becos it will always remain... Going...
and for the poor boys, maybe it will be easier to answer the "am i fat? (there is no right answer)" question..

Creative Tip 1: Write down all that you eat.. eating.. ate...

(Go on the guilt trip...)

Many of us eat too little but snack too much.. (see the irony!) so, if you wrote down EVERYTHING (yes, everything!), you will realise when u snacked too much. In this way, when you about to start eating anything you SHOULD NOT be, you will know it!

Creative Tip 2: Drink Green Tea!!

(not the sugarfied one like pokka or Yeos.. but green tea bags...)

There has been lots of discussion over the benefits of green tea, and one being the chemicals that speed up basal metabolism (which in other words, BURN FATS!!!). Enough said!

Side effects: lack of sleep... due to caffeine, so advice is to drink it in the day!

Creative Tip 3: Get Busy...

(aka Operation Stay Away from the Fridge)

Well, this has to do with our mentality... when we have nothing to do, we sit around, we get bored, we start having this itch and finally we start to wonder what is there to put into our mouths... Thus do something, find a hobby, walk around or even sleep just try to keep those itchy fingers away from the fridge!!

Creative Tip 4: Use smaller plates.. Yes.. smaller.. smaller..

(in other words, bluff yourself!)

This might sound silly (actually we think so too..) but if you use a smaller plate, you can actually fool your brain into thinking that you are taking in more food than you actually are.

Well, a smaller plate will look fuller than a bigger plate and thus you will have less.. thinking you had more..

The Wonders of Lies!!!

Final Tip 5: Stop reading, Start doing!

(which means, you really have to do it...)

If you just talk about it but ain't doing anything about it... there is nothing we can help you as well. Take our advices and start NOW, write down what you been snacking on, brew some green tea and buy a pretty nice but small plate...

But still... Nothing beats having some exercise to keep healthy and look good!

Keep Busy.. Start Running!!!

Disclaimer: please consult your doctor before embarking on any dieting programme. We are only the Fad people, not the Fad Doctors...

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